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E-Banking Service

As of OCT. 2019

Fee Name Interbank Transaction Fee​ Intrabank Transaction Fee
1. Withdrawal: NT$5 each 2. Transfer: please see remark * below 3. Deposit: NT$15 each
1. Individual user: please see remark * below 2. Business user: NT$10 each
Online banking (Domestic interbank transfer)
1. Individual user: please see remark * below 2. Business user: (1) A maximum of NT$2 million NT$15/transfer (an additional NT$10 for each additional NT$1 million transferred; (2) amounts less than NT$1 million count as NT$1 million)
Mobile banking (Domestic interbank transfer)
Individual user: please see remark * below
* Since the preferential policy of Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.(FISC) starting from Apr. 2019, individual user’ s interbank fund-transfer at on-us ATMs, e-ATM, online banking, mobile banking or telephone banking will be charged for NT$10 for transaction <=NT$500 (free for 1st inter-bank transaction per account per day, all the channels above are sharing the same quota), NT$10 for transaction NT$501~NT$1,000 and NT$15 for transaction greater than NT$1,001(eATM will charged for NT$10).
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