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Trust Business

Trust Business

  • We provide clients with domestic and foreign mutual funds, overseas fixed income bonds, overseas ETFs more than 2,000 commodities, to meet customer asset allocation requirements and provide a variety of commodities.
  • We provide clients with the purpose of taking care of themselves or specific objects (e.g. children, parents, etc.) through property trusts that are efficient and secure, or provide trusts for transaction security.
    • ​Property Trust for the Elderly and the Disabled: With the changes of the times, facing the era of longevity, in order to reduce the burden of the next generation, in advance to plan for life after retirement. Property in advance planning for children with physical and mental disabilities, avoid subsequent unattended or property by occupation.​
    • ​Children's Upbringing Trust: Help you keep your child's education costs, properly planning the transfer of property to the next generation, to avoid children too early to have a huge inheritance, don't know enterprising or feel free to splurge.
    • Real Estate Values Trust Service: Real estate buyers and sellers through the real estate values trust ,can be obtained by the competent authority of the relevant laws and strictly regulate the bank as an intermediary between payment, provided the fair price of gold and payment services. Especially in the buyers and sellers do not know each other is particularly suitable for handling the business, to enhance the security of real estate transactions.
    • Safety Deposit Boxes We provide the general public custody of securities, important documents or other valuables.
  • If there are any other trust business needs, please contact the nearby branch to deal with.
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