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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. At Taiwan Cooperative Bank we recognize the importance of personal information entrusted to us. It is one of our fundamental responsibilities as a bank to ensure that we protect the information entrusted to us by our clients and our website visitors. Please find protection measures as below we protect your privacy when you visit this website via computers and mobile devices.
Applicable Scope of This Statement
This statement applies to all websites (“TCB Website”) built in the name of Taiwan Cooperative Bank (“TCB” or “we”) using its Domain Name, i.e. Please be aware that external websites reached via links from TCB website are not managed by TCB, the personal data you actively provide on other websites is not covered by this statement, which will be collected, used and processed in accordance with the relevant laws and the privacy protection policies disclosed on each of the linked websites, for which TCB bears no join responsibility.
Personal Data Protection
The personal data collected on this website shall be carried out within the scope of business provided by Taiwan Cooperative Bank under the rules to share personal data among the affiliates, and shall not be used beyond the specific purpose of collection, unless otherwise stipulated by laws. This website will retain your name, ID number, email address, contact information and period of time you stay on this website or other relevant necessary information when you use the mailbox service and interactive functions. Additionally, TCB Website will retain records automatically generated by your server when you browse or search on this website, including but not limited to your IP address, the period of time you stay on this website, the browser you are using, and/or your browsing history.
Personal Data Protection, Storage, and Storage Method
This website is utmost established under intact security protection measures, in addition to the use of secure software, hardware devices and mechanisms for the transmission of your data, and in accordance with relevant laws and information management principles, as well as the firewall will be built to prevent from illegal intrusion and malicious programs, and establish a data security control system. That is, any person who is not authorized to obtain and use your information, and any person, out of the authorized business scope, who shall not be able to obtain your information through the authorization mechanism. If it is necessary to entrust a third party to provide services due to business needs, it will strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the “Regulations Governing Internal Operating Systems and Procedures for the Outsourcing of Financial Institution Operation”.
Personal Data Use and Transfer
The storage, use, process or international transfer of the personal data obtained by this website is within the specific purposes and the scope of use permitted by the government authority, and is in compliance with the “Personal Information Protection Act”, and its relevant laws. This use of the period between TCB and you to terminate their business or activities, and the use of the region is where TCB locates (including Overseas Branches). In order to provide comprehensive and integrated financial services, TCB will integrate your personal information and provide you with the latest and adequate financial products information through various marketing channels. If you do not want to receive promotional information via emails or marketing letters, you may opt out of receiving such information at any time, meanwhile, this website will endeavor to maintain the security of all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.
The Use of Cookie Technology
Cookie is a short text data which is transmitted from web server to your browser and stored in the hard disk of your computer. TCB Website use Cookie as a communication and identification tool with you. Our purposes are to understand how you use TCB Website and to enhance the quality of the web services and to improve the security of this website system, so as to provide customized service to deliver advertisements based on your interest and favorite. In addition, in order to calculate the number of visitors and analyze the browsing mode, as a reference for improving this website services, Cookie will be written and read in your browser. Most personal computers or mobile device browsers have an automatic acceptance site for Cookie, if you do not accept your Cookie used by TCB and want to close it, you may change the cookie settings through the browser you are using. If you choose not to accept or block the cookies on the TCB Website, it may result in the complete inability or only part of the services could be provided by the TCB Website.
Sharing Your Personal Data
We will never arbitrarily sell, exchange, or lease, provide or disclose your personal data to other groups or individuals. TCB Website will share your personal data with third parties in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and the following circumstances:
  • The situations for complying relevant laws and regulations.
  • With your express consent or approval.
  • We are so required by a government authority for public welfare purpose or as required by laws, we will coordinately provide certain personal data upon formal and lawful application procedure.
  • In order to provide other services or promotion offer to which you have agreed to receive, we may need to share your personal data with third parties, in which case, you will be fully informed of the sharing, you can choose whether to accept the service or promotions offer.
Personal Data Modification
In order to maintain the correctness and immediacy of your information, you may notify the branches of Taiwan Cooperative Bank to revise the changes when you find the information in this website is incorrect or your information has been changed without your consent.
Your Rights
Unless otherwise required by applicable law, you are entitled to the following rights with regard to your personal data we collect, process, use and retain:
  • The right to inquiry, review or duplicate your personal data;
  • The right to supplement or rectify your personal data;
  • The right to discontinue processing your personal data;
  • The right to delete your personal data;
  • The right to withdraw consent;
  • The right to restrict processing (applies only to data subjects within the EU);
  • The right to object to automated individual decision-making (applies only to data subjects within the EU);
  • The right of data portability (applies only to data subjects within the EU).
TCB will determine whether or not to accept your application in accordance with “Personal Information Protection Act of the R.O.C.” and related laws and regulations. If the personal data you provide is incorrect or incomplete, resulting in failure to confirm your true identity, we wll not be able to cooperate with your request for privacy. If you consider that TCB has been unable, or unwilling, to resolve your rights, you may lodge a complaint to related data protection authority.

The personal data collected by TCB Website will retain as needed to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. We will retain and use your personal data as necessary to enforce the rights and obligations of the contract involved, comply with relevant legal obligations and regulatory period requirements, and resolve disputes. After the aforementioned factors fulfilled, we will destroy or delete your personal data or make it anonymous such that it cannot be identified or traced back to you.
Self-Protection Measures
Please keep all relevant documents, passwords, and personal data properly, and ensure such data will not be provided to a third party. After using any of the services provided on the TCB Website, please remember to log out of your account, if you are using a shared or public computer, be sure to close the browser tab to guarantee the privacy of your personal data.
Children’s Privacy
We do not knowingly collect personal data from children without appropriate parental or guardian consent. If you had any concerns that we may have collected personal data from someone under the applicable age of consent without proper consent, please let us know via contact information described below and we will take appropriate measures to investigate and address the issue promptly.
Amendment of this Statement
To meet social and environmental changes, business required, technology development, and revisal of laws, this statement may be amended and announced from time to time. Please visit this Privacy Statement page at any time in order to protect your rights and interest.
Contact Us
TCB hereby announces this Privacy Statement in order to protect your data and your rights for privacy. If you have any concerns as to this statement, or how your personal data is collected, used, processed, or should you wish to exercise your rights regarding your personal data, you can contact us at 0800-033-175, and we will provide further instructions.
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