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 Digital Branch

Taiwan Cooperative Bank has two types of digital branch, flagship and basic digital branch. By using these electronic devices, we would like to let our customers getting the latest information while waiting for service. The locations and devices of digital branch are listed as following table.





Depar​​​tment of Business

1.    iPad

2.    Pepper(Department of Business only)

3.    Interactive TV

4.    Finger Vein ATM

5.    Video Teller Machine

6.    Mobile Payment Experience Station (Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park Branch only)

7.    Audio Guide with Touch Screen

8.    Public Computer

Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park Branch


Danshuei Branch

1.    iPad

2.    Finger Vein ATM

3.    Audio Guide with Touch Screen

4.    Public Computer

Beining Branch

Guancian Branch

Fusing Branch

Zihciang Branch

Dong Taipei Branch

Yuanshan Branch

Nanjing Donglu Branch

Neihu Branch

Nangang Branch

Sinming Branch

Linkou Wenhua Branch

Taoyuan Branch

Hsinchu Branch

Dali Branch

Cianjhen Branch

Zuoying Branch