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 Gold Passbook

The gold passbook(including the wealth management passbook) is an account for customers to buy/sell gold without physical settlement. While buying/selling gold,the Bank will print the list on the passbook and reserved 100% gold.

About the gold passbook,we use 1gram and 1 ounce(31.10 grams) of gold as basic unit for NTD denominated and USD denominated respectively,and USD denominated gold price is be
​calculated to the second decimal place (round up/off) per ounce. The buy/selling​ price is according to the Bank's gold price rate and be disclosed on the Bank's branches' bulletin board and website.

After the gold passbook account was opened,the Bank will give you a gold passbook to list the history of trading. Each trading can be denominated in NTD or USD and be printed separately. It is not permitted to buying/selling, transfer,and physical settlement cross different currencies. Depositing in/ withdrawing from the gold passbook account and trading standard phyical gold bar settlement in business hour is permitted,and physical gold bar is limited to deposit or sell back once physical settlement happened.